Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photo Wednesday: Memories

You might remember this post from several weeks ago. It was a photograph of a painting my mother did of me and my sister on the beach in the early 1970s.

Just this week, I discovered this photo in my mother's photo albums. It gave me a bittersweet feeling. Next week, I'll take my own two girls to the beach for the first time in their lives. I wish my mother was still living. I wish I could talk to her about that day on the beach, about her paintings and about her experiences as a mother.


  1. Oh, wow - I'm sure that was a bittersweet moment for you. I hope you and your girls have a fabulous trip and make a lot of memories.

  2. Thank you, Kathy! I can't wait to watch them play on the beach.

  3. I know what you're feeling. There are many times I stop and wish my mother were still alive so I could talk to her - and more importantly, listen to her.

  4. That is so sweet. Enjoy your time with your daughters at the beach :)


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