Friday, March 28, 2014

In which I share the Brazilian book cover for SURE SIGNS OF CRAZY

Very excited to see the cover for the Brazilian edition of SURE SIGNS OF CRAZY, which will be out in April. The translated titled is CLEAR SIGNS OF MADNESS. I wish I knew how to read Portuguese so I could see how Sarah Nelson's personality is translated. It's really incredible to think about a young Brazilian girl reading about a young girl from Texas. What would they have in common? What would she find interesting? Would she, like Sarah, adore Atticus Finch? Keep a diary? I love thinking about these things.

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  1. Hi Karen! Thanks for you retweet, and I'm very curious to read your book, and I love that the publisher kept the cover. I signed the book on the Skoob (a social network like Goodreads) and the book has won many "want to read" in few hours. I have a blog and soon I'll review the book, so thank you for the attention. The synopsis sounds amazing and the translation is very careful at what I seen. Hugs from Brazil. :D

    1. Hello Yasmin Carli,

      So wonderful to receive your kind note about my book. I love that the book has come to Brazil! Thank you for letting me know about the Skoob site. Very exciting!

      Hugs from Texas!


  2. By the way, the book page is that: and my blog is:


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