Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

In the past week, I've done THREE book launch events. Some part of me still can't believe that I am a person who is capable of talking to strangers about stories and writing and anything else they want to chat about. It takes a lot to stand in a bookstore, try and make eye contact with folks and then launch into a subtle summary about one's book and/or point someone toward the restrooms. I don't know if I'll ever get particularly good at it. This past weekend, my family came with me to the bookstore. My daughters don't mind hanging out around books for a couple of hours so we thought it would be fun for them. They are not that impressed with their mom, but I did see something new in their eyes this time. They'd seen me labor away, day and night, while writing COURAGE FOR BEGINNERS. And then they were witnessing me stand in a bookstore with the actual book on the table! Suddenly, all the awkward feelings of standing there washed away. They had watched for a couple of years as I pursued my dream and then they were there when it had come to fruition. If nothing else, I hope that seeing this experience causes them to BELIEVE that a steady mix of hard work and day-dreaming produce results.

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