Friday, February 19, 2016

RIP Harper Lee

Dear Friends,

The news of Miss Lee's death today saddens me. She gave us so much. I picture her in heaven with Gregory Peck and her beloved sister, now. What conversations they might have! I'm thankful for her words, which will be read for generations upon generations.

Farewell, Boo. We loved you so.



  1. After coming across "Sure Sings of Crazy" yesterday at the local library, and staying up past midnight to finish it (I honestly could not put it down), I woke this morning to the news of Harper Lee's passing. I am probably one of the rare few who have not read Ms. Lee's book, but after reading yours, and being so affected by it, hers will be next on my list. Thank you for Sarah Nelson, and for helping me come to terms with some very similar events from my past.


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