Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Wednesday: Pulpwood Queens, Pink Proms and Big Book Love

Here's a collection of fun photos from last weekend's annual Pulpwood Queen Author Extravaganza in Jefferson, Texas. Thank you, Kathy L. Patrick for an amazing event and party. You are a book's best friend!

With the "Under the Big Top" theme in full swing on Thursday night.

With authors (LtR) Jennie Helderman (Under the Sycamore Tree), Kathryn Casey (The Killing Storm, Shattered), Marica Fine (Paper Children, Stressed in Scottsdale),
Jenny Wingfield (The Homecoming of Samuel Lake) and your humble scobberlotcher.
Let me just say this about that. These women are all amazing and you should run, not walk, to your bookstore
now and get their books! And under the heading of "Did you know?" -
Did you know Jenny Wingfield penned the film The Man in The Moon - one of my
all-time favorite films? Yes. Yes she did. 

Following my author panel with Margaret Dilloway (How to be
an American Housewife)
and Meg Waite Clayton (The Wednesday Sisters, The Four Ms. Bradwells.)
At first blush, you might think this panel was titled "Authors who have vague images of women's heads and necks
on their book covers."

Clowning around with Meg Waite Clayton
At the Pretty in Pink Prom with author Margaret Dilloway
and Julie Kibler (Calling Me Home, out spring 2013) Sidenote: you
heard it here first folks - Calling Me Home just may be the next
"The Help"
Just sayin.

Partying with Marybeth Whalen (The Mailbox), Stefanie McAfee (Diary of a Mad Fat Girl) and Sarah Jio
(The Violets of March)  Beautiful books!!

Confection of pink hair-dos. If you were at the prom, you would've
seen a sea of pink. What proms have to do with books, I have no
idea. But it works. It really works.

My Jane Austen book purse on the auction table!

John Berendt's signed book bag at auction

Author John Berendt (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
signed his new children's book, My Baby Blue Jays, for my
daughter's birthday!)

Pinch me, I'm with author John Berendt. He's as nice and gracious as you imagine.
You know I have the Bird Girl statue
from Midnight in the Garden of Good in Evil in my
backyard, right? Would framing an 8x10 of this picture and
placing it in the birdbath be too much? No? Well.

With Tina Sloan, beloved actress of Guiding Light, at the Pink Prom! Wow!
Pinch me. Again.
She donned the 1983 prom dress her soap-opera daughter, Beth,
once wore. She's as warm as she is gorgeous. Check out her new book,
Changing Shoes: Getting Older - Not Old - With Style, Humor and Grace.
You can't have my copy. It's already dog-eared and beloved. Thank you, Tina.


  1. Love those neon pink wigs..I want one!

  2. Caite -

    Go pink! they were fun.

    Kathy -

    Wish you were there, too!

  3. Wow!!! Looks like you had a really fabby time!

  4. What an event!!! Looks like so much fun. I haven't worn a formal gown in years!


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