Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration: Inner Thoughts

Can you relate to this sentiment? I can. I think this speaks one thousand truths, and not just for writers. 

Hope you have a wonderful and INSPIRING Monday. It's raining here and I'm collecting the remnants of my daughter's dragon and Disney-themed birthday party that are still strewn around the house. A candy wrapper here. A piece of streamer there. I almost want to leave the decorations up a little longer and let her new nine-ness sink in. I feel like I just brought her home in a Snoopy blanket, blinked and POOF she's nine and a boy classmate has given her a necklace with her name on it that she's refused to take off. 

Me: You still have your necklace on. Don't you think you should take it off now that it's bedtime?
Her: I'm going to keep it on in case I get amnesia. Then I'll know my name. 
Life inside her head must be VERY interesting.


  1. I love it! You need to include that line in a future book!

  2. Thanks, Kathy! I thought about that, too!

  3. Scobberlotch is in my list of recommended blogs at villagewriter. Today I followed the dragon pic and it brought me here. Take a look at my blog--haha! ;)


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