Monday, July 30, 2012

You might be a lazy blogger if

1/ you post photos each day of the week.
2/ you just got back from vacation and your laundry basket is eye-balling you.
3/ you can't tear yourself away from the Olympics.
4/ for each day you don't blog, you delve deeper into your work-in-progress.

Color me all of the above!

I'm posting vacation photos all week.

Stewart Beach in Galveston

Pleasure Pier 

My kids are on this ride. Honest.


  1. It sounds like you're busy!!

  2. "Delving deep" into your current project sounds like a good thing! I don't consider that lazy. Now, the eyeballing laundry basket may be another story ... but yours can join mine, and they can give us the "clean me" stare together. ;-)

  3. I know I am a lazy blogger...and a lazy secret


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