Friday, May 27, 2016

20 Days of Backstory: Day 12

Hi, friends,

In the spirit of Wayne Kovok, the fact-loving protagonist of my new novel, MAYDAY, I'm sharing facts about the story. 


After the crash in MAYDAY, Wayne naturally sees airplanes in a new light. He's even more aware that real people are flying miles above the earth at all times. He lays down in his yard and ferries planes in his hands as they pass over his airspace. 

I did that. 

It takes 28-30 seconds for them to pass over my house. Sometimes I made up small stories about the people in the planes.

The view from my backyard


Praise for Mayday:

"A fine character-driven tale that slowly grows to a crescendo of satisfaction."
Kirkus Reviews

"Wayne is an appealing protagonist with a strong voice who develops believably over the difficult months, as do the other characters. A well-done book on all levels."―Publishers Weekly

"The main characters are well depicted and highly appealing.... Thought provoking and touching, Mayday applies to anyone who has ever felt like an outcast and wishes to become someone with a sense of pride."

"Wayne's is an authentic, funny, and sometimes sarcastic teen voice, which comes through clearly, even when he can't speak out loud.... in this sweet tale of survival, heroism, and the search for strength."
School Library Journal

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