Monday, May 30, 2016

20 Days of Backstory: Day 14

Hi, friends,

In the spirit of Wayne Kovok, the fact-loving protagonist of my new novel, MAYDAY, I'm sharing facts about the story. (You might remember 
Wayne from his small role in COURAGE FOR BEGINNERS.) 

MAYDAY is a story about friendship, fathers and sons, and the importance of finding one's voice. 


Like Wayne, my family has a long, proud history of service.

My brother, Robert Harrington, when he was in the Marines.

My Dad used to talk about our family service a lot. My favorite story too place in 1941. When he was seven, the family sat around one December morning in Stoneham, Massachusetts, listening to the radio. His aunt told him, "Bobby, go run and get your uncle and tell him this. The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor." 

My father ran to the back of the house where his uncle was cutting wood. He gave him the message. His uncle grabbed his tools and ran to the house. He put on his National Guard uniform and went to his post. Soon after, he was inducted into the regular army and was in charge of troop movements in and out of Boston. By 1945, he'd risen to the rank of full colonel, leading his troops in Germany. 

My dad also introduced me to the historical novel APRIL MORNING by Howard Fast when I was in middle school. There are several valiant characters with the last name Harrington in this story. As a kid, that story AND seeing the name Harrington inside a book made a big impression on me.

I chose the photo below to use on my dedication page, where I dedicate the novel to all the men and women who've served in our country, past and present. Take note of the flagpole in the background. It came from the mast of a great ship. My Dad said he remembers his father telling him it came from the navy ship, The U.S.S. Constitution, nicknamed "Old Ironsides." 

My dad and grandfather in 1945.

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