Wednesday, May 18, 2016

20 Days of Backstory: Day 3

Hi, friends,

Who likes to know a little behind-the-scenes information about a story? I know I do. In the spirit of Wayne Kovok, the fact-loving protagonist of my new novel, MAYDAY, I'm sharing facts about the story. (You might remember 
Wayne from his small role in COURAGE FOR BEGINNERS.) 

MAYDAY is a story about friendship, fathers and sons, and the importance of finding one's voice. 


I include homages in each of my novels. There are three in MAYDAY. (There are countless homages in SURE SIGNS OF CRAZY.)

o The last name of my favorite author appears on page four.

o Tim LeMoot’s daughter is named Debra, the name of a funny/scary movie my kids and friends made one year.(Tim LeMoot, the Texas Boot is a famous accident injury lawyer in the story.)

o My favorite radio talk show host is Dennis Prager. He once said that no one ever names their kids Dennis anymore. I gave a hat tip to Mr. Prager when I named Wayne’s best friend Denny (Dennis) Rosenblatt.

My daughter's comment about this was "You can do that?"

Heck yes, you can do this. It's fun. Half of writing is entertaining yourself. 

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