Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Season, New Beginnings

This week I start drafting a new work. I've had the idea rolling about my brain for some time. I bought five new spiral notebooks and have been making little notes and scenes for a couple of months. (Who can resist notebooks for .20 cents each?) I've been writing journal entries in the voice of the main character so I can get to know her better. And now, as fall is upon us, I get to dive into the story. I purposefully timed the start of this writing journey to coincide with fall. Fall has always energized me as no other season does. It's the start of school for many. It's the season for new lunchboxes, sweaters and school buses. It's the time of year when I want to try new recipes, buy autumn scented candles and pull out my favorite cashmere sweater. It's the season in which I went on a blind date with a man who would become my hubby. For me, fall has always been a good season to begin new adventures.

Now listen to Monty Python's funny take on starting a new novel. While my own drafting of a new work won't have this much commotion or audience, it's just as thrilling.


  1. We are not alone, and I love that I am not alone with you. Blessings on your new work. You seem to be going about it the right way – in Anne Enright fashion.

  2. Karen,

    Absolutely GORGEOUS photo, and if your day is anything like ours out east today, it should be a perfect day to curl up and write a book. Please let me know how your "heart of the book" scene goes! It's wonderful that you've got it planned out already. Wish I had that kind of foresight. I can outline (I'm doing my new one in Scrivener though, so it's mostly index cards I can shuffle around within a 3-Act structure) but that big scene, I have a clue where it is going to come, or how I'm going to get there. Wish I did!

    Thanks for your comment today. Good luck with your WIP!



  3. Yay! Good luck with your new project. I hope you enjoy the journey. :-)

  4. Twenty-cent notebooks are the best! Congratulations on starting a new novel. The Monty Python audio is hilarious, by the way, thanks for sharing that. When he signed his name under the doodle I cracked up!

  5. That's a great idea (character journals). I will have to try that one out (if I ever make time for my writing again!)


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