Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration: Comparison

This is such an inspiring sentiment for me. As a writer, I'm often tempted to compare myself to other writers. We all do. I have to tell myself the same phrase I'm often saying to my little girls: God made you uniquely individual. There is no one else like you. Don't compare yourself to Sally. Be glad and joyful and see the good work He will do you in. Work that no one else on the planet can do except you! 

Don't you find that sometimes it's the encouraging words we say to little children that we should also say to ourselves?


  1. Oh, absolutely! (And I'm borrowing your Roosevelt quote to pin to the bulletin board in my office.) Let's see... here are just some things I say to my daughter to which I should also ascribe:

    1. Patience, sweetheart! Sniff the flower, blow out the candle.

    2. Guess what? I love you!

    3. Let's play outside.

    4. There is no one like you.

    Cheesy, but true!

  2. Katherine - Those are all wonderful things to tell your daughter. I especially like the first one!


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