Friday, May 4, 2012

On asking questions and keeping a writing notebook

I walked into my office the other day and found this notebook on my desk. One of my little curious girls wrote it. It gave me a smile. This is the start of creativity. Wondering. Being curious. Researching. And ultimately, writing. I hope she keeps writing in this notebook.

I've been sketching out a new story in a notebook of my own. The question I wrote at the top was: What are all the bad things that could happen to JW? This is how I often begin a story. I made a list of all the potential conflict I could inflict upon this poor, unsuspecting character. There were many possibilities, I tell you. Of course, I put that notebook away before they got home from school. I don't want little eyes seeing all that conflict. They already think I'm weird because I'm a writer. (Mostly because they are being schooled, nay, evangelized, on the proper uses of 'your' and 'you're.') For now, they can be content with pondering the insides of tiny animals.

Do you keep a notebook for writing or other curiosities?


  1. I'm sporadically good about keeping a notebook -- it's a hot/cold thing for me. :)

  2. I don't, but I do frequently email myself some pretty weird and wacky writing ideas so I have a running list. I may not always have a pen and paper with me, but I always have my iphone!

  3. Hi Karen,

    I always have a notebook by my side when I am reading a book.

    It helps to jog the memory when it comes to writing a review, if I jot down a few keywords.

    I also write down my 'Teaser Tuesday', 'Wondrous Words Wednesday', and 'Book Beginnings' selection for a book, especially if I am reading the copy as a kindle or PDF download.


  4. i carry around a notebook to write notes to myself. but i always feel like such a dork with pen and paper when everyone else has their iphones and ipads etc.!

  5. Jen - Ah, but that's the sign of a veteran writer!

    Thanks for all your comments!


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